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A Trade License in Dubai, UAE is a legal document issued by the government that gives permission for business entities to conduct specific commercial activities within Emirates. The UAE business license services as a legal authorization to make sure that business operates in compliance to local rules and regulations. It is possible to conduct many activities  with a trade license in Dubai. Some of the popular activities are importing, exporting and initiating commercial activities.

What are the different types of business licenses in Dubai?

There are several different types of trade licenses in Dubai which can be selected during the application process. They are:

1. UAE Commercial License

Commercial licenses are issued to those businesses who trade in goods and commodities like import and export companies. Some of the companies relate to car rental or real-estate.

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4. Tourism License

A Trade License in Dubai for the tourism sector is essential for firms who are into hotel, tourist trips, cruise boats and any travel and tourism activities.

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2. Industrial License

Industrial License are for companies that are involved into production, processing or transformation of goods in Dubai. Free-zones with their own industrial zones have their own authorities for this kind of license.

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5. Agriculture License

This license is applicable for those who like to cultivate plants, harvest crops, build greenhouses or run agricultural consultancy .

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3. Professional License

Business License in UAE for professionals are targeted at people who are specific professions including artisanal services, craftsmanship, consultancy, IT and technical services, medical services, security, printing and publishing and many more.

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4. Freelance License

The community of freelancers is growing into Dubai and its government has created a freelance license to meet the needs of this sector.

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Benefits of acquiring a trade license in Dubai

Gaining a trade license in Dubai comes with many benefits that contribute to emirates as a global business hub. These advantages make the process of obtaining a trade license necessary for businesses looking to establish and operate business in the dynamic city. Here are some of them,

Procedure of gaining trade license in Dubai

Obtaining a business license in Dubai involves a structured process to make sure businesses comply with legal requirements and operate within the regulatory framework of emirates. Although, the process slightly differs according to business setup in mainland or free-zone. We have entailed a general step-by-step process to acquire a trade license in Dubai.

1. Mainland Business:
Cost of getting a trade license in Dubai
  • The whole process involves different costs and it’s vital to know it before getting a business license in Dubai.
  • The cost of a trade license in Dubai also depends on the business activities and approvals it gets.
  • Plus, factors such as number of shareholders/partners, location of establishment, corporate structure and type of business activity defines the cost of UAE business license.
  • It also depends upon the jurisdiction chosen by the business.
Renewal of trade license in Dubai

The validity of a trading license in Dubai stays for a specific time period.

The business is responsible to renew the license to continue its operations in Dubai.

The renewation of trade license also depends upon the business and location.

For example, a transport company should take approval from Dubai’s road and transport authority for license renewal.

It is necessary to gather documents for renewal and submit them to DED for approval.

In addition, businesses should check the tenancy contract and make sure it is no less than three months from date of application.

Acquire your business license in Dubai today!

Get in touch with the VCS for business setup in Dubai. We facilitate the process and ensure compliance with local regulations. We customize our cost as per business activities such as health, finance and legal services and make note if they require additional approvals from specific regulatory authorities.

Frequently Asked Questions on Business Setup in Dubai, UAE

In Dubai, businesses can obtain Commercial Trade Licenses for trading activities, Industrial Trade Licenses for manufacturing, and Professional Trade Licenses for providing professional services. Each type is tailored to specific business activities and industries.

Yes, certain free zones in Dubai allow foreign nationals to have 100% ownership of their businesses. However, in the mainland, a local partner or sponsor may be required for certain business activities, subject to specific regulations.

Operating in the mainland allows businesses to engage with the local market and government entities directly. Free zones, on the other hand, provide specific advantages such as tax exemptions, 100% foreign ownership, and simplified import/export procedures but may have restrictions on conducting business within the local market.

The timeline for obtaining a trade license in Dubai can vary based on factors such as the type of license, business activities, and the efficiency of document processing. Generally, the process takes a few weeks, with free zones often offering quicker approvals compared to the mainland.

Yes, it is possible to modify or add business activities after obtaining a trade license. However, this process may involve additional approvals and documentation, and it is recommended to consult with relevant authorities or a business consultant to ensure compliance with regulations.

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